When RB & EC was DRUNK

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Snake on Youtube?


We are sorry that we havent put up new interesting things  but for me this one is the best one!
imagen that you are really bored to wait to your video loads in youtube the oooonly thing you need to do is just move the arrows on the keyboard AND SNAKE STARTS! I remember playing snake so much on my first mobilephone ( nokia 3210) and the main reason that i had a phone was just to play snake!

okej..read carefully!
choose a video doesnt matter what just put one and press “pause”!
Then you move with the arrows and you will see you can play snake! simple as that! ok…I imagen there is not many people that understands me but check this video and follow the instructure! there is NO downloading or anything like that!


“The Black Mamba!”

Here is an tv ad from nike, its about kobe bryant and his EGO 😛 its called black mamba and its a short film. check it out there are some few celebrities there also ;D


M&M spaceheros

This is an video that Advertising Agency: BBDO, Denmark created. I recommend that you try this out, it is kind of useless but so much fun.

Remember wearing this?

Aids awareness campaign targeting people aged 50+.

Advertising Agency: tea, London, United Kingdom
Art Director: Chris Bishop
Copywriter: Stuart Fermor
Graphic Designer: Chris Bishop
Digital Artist: Chris Bishop



I found these shocking old ad´s, the time has definitely changes over the years!

brutal or genius?

here is an tv ad from sony ericsson Xperia play…i dont know what i should think about it i think its cool but the thing with the thums :S hmm i dont know it could make kids scared no ? isnt them the target ?  or maybe not i dont know really what this phone thing is but at least what i know its from sony ericsson and playstation (sony) so yeah the target should be young people….what do u think ?!


BlackHole vs Dark Vader JR

here is two great ad one a little bit newer than the other. first is the black hole that is very funny u got to see it! and the second one is the new volkswagen ad, dark vader jr is awesome!


and here is the volkswagen tv ad.

Panasonic danish tv ad

My dad sent this ad to me on my dropbox the other day. This is a danish TV ad that was broadcast for some years ago. I think this is a brilliant ad, specially the danish accent.

Summer shoes

I think i have found my Charlotte Olympia shoes for the summer 🙂 

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